Refund not Received

Set below are episodes of harassment by Nestaway company inflicted on me: * I had submitted a request for vacating the rented place in December of 2018 and agreed to pay a fine of INR 2,500 due to not informing 1 month in advance. My request was accepted and I vacated the place by January 5th, 2019; the flat was inspected without my presence followed by unnecessary expenditures levied by me. * Immediately afterwards, a ticket was raised from my end asking for a clarification for these charges as they mentioned water and electricity; whereas water was already included in the rent and the electricity was paid one month in advance by me. * After so many requests and escalations, I was finally given a response but this time around, the charges remained but they were changed and made as expenditures for repairs and replacements; whereas the Nestaway website clearly states that repairs and replacements are to be covered by the company and not the tenant . Even then I am charged for all the repairs and replacements ( Charged for 2 flushes whereas I am entitled to one only) I called customer care of nestaway as well as raised ticket many times after that no no proper response was given. I have recorded conversation between me and customer service of last year as well as with their area manager from recently where he is just putting the name on the person who has been transferred Till now I have not been given any proper clarification as to why charges have been levied nor has anyone come forward from their team to help me resolve the issue or adress it. Now since May I am following rigorously by raising tickets but have not got any call or response from any one from your team or company. Even now I am only trying to just reach someone who can explain. It was my hard earned money I don't have to run behind them , it is my right to demand a justification which these guys have failed to give, They have changed the charges as per their convenience from water bills to repairs even then I have 16k left which is according to them and still they haven't initiated it. They have also put monthly rental charges of Jan month where as I have shifted in January and have all the mail's regarding my Move out request etc Their ground level nexus is not giving me contact or getting a call or mail arranged from concerned team or a senior person. Place of property is Mumbai