Right of son

I am a retired teacher aged 74+ years old and my wife is 72+ years old living in Village.I am eldest son , I have 2 male siblings and 3 female sibling. My father died on 1.1.2015 and my siblings did not take responsibility of property nor agreed to divide. Responsibility fell on me and I had to run the property. Every year I have told my inability to run the property (total 30 acres) to all the siblings in person but it went to deaf ears .I have made repeated calls and even written letters to my brothers without any reply. I have also sent lawyer notice to all asking for division in last year due to inability to run. Now I received notice from siblings that I am forcibly running the property and I have to pay money. a) what are my rights on property as I stayed in village while other children did not come to improve land or look after ? b) I don’t have house while all siblings have good house in city and have earnings. Will I lose house I am staying (fathers house- we were living together since my retirement in 2004)