Alimony Amount

We have been married for 9 years 4 months now. I moved to a different city due to multiple reasons such as ill health and inability of my husband to take care of both of us during that period. I was unable to hold down a job as I was constantly falling ill and had to keep taking leaves. That time my parents supported us in whatever way possible. But, that couldn't go on for too long. That's why my decision of shifting. I didn't go back because I was on an off getting work and somehow managing. I kept expecting some form of assistance from him when he finally started earning well, but, there was never any financial responsibility taken on his part. Every time he did help me though, it was taken into account and I one day got a mail stating all the transfers he had made to me in the past 2 or 3 years. Now, I can't move back because of the previous reasons and also because my mother has life threatening medical condition. I am not benefiting from the situation, and I can't move forward. I am asking for a mutual settlement with a fixed compensation, or I said I wouldn't file the divorce case if he gave me a maintenance of 40k pm. Thus is the amount I make Every time I work. Because of my mother's health I am unable to travel for work and have been stuck here without any assistance from my husband. I am spending off any savings that I may have had. My salary goes partly towards me and the rest goes to my retired parents, who by the way do not draw ant pension. In this scenario what is the alimony amount that I can demand and how much is he liable to pay.