Podi cancellation

Hi sir this is nandish from bangalore my grand father has a agrculture land in kanakapura in Karnataka 1.25.08 acres which is showing in rtc and khata This particular Survey #XYZ is measuring total of 3acres. The said property had been inherited by the owner from his parent who had divided the share to all his heirs thru partition deed which mentions as schedule a,b,c, ....... and so on showing shares of various family members. The owner of the said property was having Khata & Mutation. He has been enjoying the particular portion of the property i.e. north west corner and was paying the tax to panchayat periodically as also other stake holders. Subsequently the other stake holders had sold their portion of land which have been purchased by several others. Recently while while I visited the Land during Mar,2019 I noticed that my neighbour had removed the fence one side & had been doing some development activities by encroaching my portion of the property. When we applied for survey we have come to know that one of the owners had applied for podi durasthi and got the podi done in Jan, 2018 without issuing notices to me as well as to four other stake holders. In this podi durasthi process the government surveyor has moved the boundaries of our portion to public place & public roads by allotting podi no. as XYZ*8. He has allocated all the portion to other 7 owners including the Kharab Land. He has not considered the land to be forgone by others for public road. The above fact is confirmed while we got the survey done from Surveyor,Bangalore South Taluk, Land Records Department, GOK. They have advised me to apply for cancellation of the podi to DDLR/JDLR. In this connection I need clarification from you for the following Questions:- 1) Is there any time limit to apply for cancellation of the podi done earlier on single application without giving notice to all the stake holders including me.? 2) Do I have to file the petition for cancellation of podi through Lawyer or can I give petition, will thate same be considered by DDLR/JDLR? For any Hearings with DDLR/JDLR does Lawyer's presence is required? 3)Will they restore the Land boundaries as per my old enjoyment/as per my sale deed? or will they do resurvey and fix new boundaries ? I would be greatful if you could kindly provide me with your valuable clarifications & advise on the above by mail. Thanks, Yours Sincerely, C.S. Prasad