Occupation of common area on their side.

Corridor in our apartments comes under common area. On my flat's side stairs are there. Just one yard on the other side of my flat is left within our jurisdiction. My neighbour is having full length corridor. Though corridor is a common area, my neighbour has put many croton pots one other side and stacking footwear open on the ground at our end thereby posing ugly picture at our side. When I had complained to the association, initially they have arranged an agreement with neighbour such that they will keep their footwear at other side. Accordingly my neighbour had fixed footwear stand on the other side. But they are again stacking the footwear on our end. In the meantime my terms with the executive committee had gone ill as I had raised certain issues. When I had complained to the Association on my neighbour, it has met clandestinely and ruled that it upto individuals to maintain neatness. They have formed a group against me, in which my neighbour is also a part. My argument is corridor is a common area and comes under perview of the Association. It shall either be distributed equally or assigned some portion with limited purpose. But no one can claim that portion of the corridor saying it is on our side. Please clarify whether any flat owner occupy corridor on their side, while the adjacent flat owner is not left with any such area due to existence of stairs.