Nousiance and Annoyance from 3rd floor tenant upper neighbour

Please help me with the legal advise to stop nousiance and annoyance done from my 3rd floor upper neighbor staying in tenant building of 100 years old in Mumbai, Byculla. Unbearable noise created by neighbour The following Problem adds to our everyday frustration please suggest how to proceed also suggest the approx procedural costs which will be inculcated in this entire process. 1.Unbearable noise from 3 rd floor resident. They have 5 childrens staying in joint family who play and keep running in their house also create noise throughout the day which does not allow us to sleep.Another type of noise is dragging of tables,chairs and jumping activities like skipping.They keep giving excuse that the building is weak. Even after repeated requests for they have not stopped playing.They have also been arrogant towards us and challenged us to stop them. Do we have an advantage over them? Also collecting proof and evidence is difficult as the voice recorder is not able to absorb thumping noise clearly.We called the police several times. But calling them at the right time would again be difficult as noise may or may not occur at that time. Is there any other way we can prove them wrong? We also raised the complaint to our landlord but they not concerned about this matter. The 3rd floor tenant neighbor claim that it is their home and they can do anything. Are they right? Please Help.