Harrassment by the apartment association for past 1 year

Hi I am resident in an apartment in Bangalore south. Past one year apartment is troubling us for everything and putting false allegation on me. 1. Few months back, association members told that I am not segregating the waste as per the rules and I had spoken harshly to the maids. But the fact is I am teacher, I leave to work with my children around 8.15 am even before the maids enter our complex. Later I recorded a voice message where the maids told that I never spoke to them harshly and on the above allegations. Then the member in association came down. 2. Now past 5 months we were telling the association that there is few drain drops falling from the drains pipe and small stones falling from the same duct due which is running above my car in the covered car parking that purchased by us. Due to which our car roof was rusted and windshield was broken. We showed the same to association. We suggested to fix a temporary sheet below the pipe so that we can avoid things falling on our car. We asked the association how the address the issues, if the association will get it done or we can do it on our cost. After waiting for 5 months the association members told that neither they will address the issues nor we can get it fixed. Later we spoke with few exmembers of the association, they said we can get the work done as its temporarily fixing the sheet and it's not affecting the building and the fire spinklers. We got the work done. I had served as president for the association too. I had recorded the coversation that we had with the members. Today association had sent a letter stating that we had abused the members and we forced the association to do the work. We had not followed the bylaws of the association. Which is not true. I have all the proof, voice recording and letter given to the association. As a woman I am really not able to handle the mental harrassment by the association and they r spoiling my name in the community. I am really getting stressed. Can you pls guide me. What should I do..