Deducting one month amount from security deposit

Hi, I stayed in a rented flat in Bangalore for close to 2 years. I paid monthly rent of 24000 and security deposit of 150000. I never defaulted and paid rent on time during my stay. I gave 2 month's notice period as agreed in the rental agreement. Now after vacation of house, the owner deducted 25000 as maintainence/ damage and cleaning costs. We maintained the flat in good condition and also done minor repairs and never bothered the owner for some major repairs as they stay abroad. But still they are charging 25k from us and on top it we paid all the months rent during covid time even though we are not staying in Bangalore. The house owner is so mean that he even charged 4 days of rent till July on prorated basis though we vacated on June 25th. Is there anything I can do against these owners with cheap mindset as I am not worrying about the 30k amount but to teach these greedy owners who don't have any concern towards the tenants in these challenging times and harassing the tenants while vacating the flat. The owners stay in abroad and there is one person in our apartment who is Owners friend and coordinates with them.