Property dispute with daughter-in-law

Sub.: Advice/Guidance on Legal Notice I Narain Dass, aged 78 years intend to seek your guidance and your professional help in the following matter. Brief facts of the case I gave my self-acquired flat to my son in 2003 (expired in 2018) on rent on mutual understanding and not on papers due to his hard compelling circumstances. But no rent is received till date. Due to their misconduct, I want to evict my daughter-in-law, grand son and grand daughter from the flat. Recently, I debarred them from my all moveable and immoveable properties. 1. Is my case can be solved through counselling and arbitration/mediation and mutual understanding? OR 2. Through Legal Notice Kindly advise me for resolving the issue at hand. Kindly also let me know procedure and the charges 1. Through counselling and arbitration/meditation 2. Only to send legal notice 3. To evict fully from flat and upto the possession of the same to me. Kindly provide your phone no. and address for further correspondence. (NARAIN DASS)