Country vacations ltd, Its a trap and am stuck in it.

Dear Sir, Please Please Help Me. I got a phone call From a person (Venket-[deleted]) On 27-June-2015 Informing that my Wife And Me had Won A Lucky Draw Held In Asian Mall-Uppal Hyderabad sponsored by Asian Cine square Mall. After I Enquired The Details, He Told Me To Come With My Wife To Begumpet. It Is Mentionable That Until We Visited Country Vacations Office , We Didnt Clearly Know About Country Vacations Limited. I Was Only Told That We Won A Holiday Gift Voucher Of Rs. 25000/- And A Kitchen Set. After We Reached Begumpet, Hyderabad. The Person Frequently Called Me Up (Though We Never Saw Him) And Directed To Their Office( We Had No Idea Then Where We Went And Why, Because The Location Is Not Asian Mall At All). Thereafter, We Were Directed To A Hall With Several Tables With 4 Chairs Each, And We Sat At One Of Those. Our cell phones brought to switch off as they said that there is network jammed inside and cell phones not allowed. An Agent Of Country Vacations (Mr. Sohail -[deleted]) came With Very Smiling Face And Described About Country Vacations Club And The Details Of Their Several Packages. Same was happening on every table. Meanwhile, He Often Embarrassed Us By Making Himself Familiar With His Extra Cool Attitude .Anyway, I Heard About The Packages, And I Had Been Described About The Annual Maintenance Cost, Their Several Service, And The Resorts They Have In Different Parts Of India & Abroad and bigger brand value of Country club etc etc. I Was Confused About Taking Decisions And We Told That We Need Time To Decide there and then only as it is a very limited period offer designed for only first come 116 families. They Insisted that The Decision Had To Be Made On The Table . Some Part Of Their Demo Was Interesting As They Had Learned How To Impress A Person With Big Promises. Then I Bargained About The Package Cost & Lastly, They Placed An Offer Of 3 Year Vacation Plan With Life Time Club Membership (As Described In Their Papers). They Told Me That The Tour Is Transferable, i,e; If I Dont Go, I Can Send Any Other Couple For same duration A Year In A Tour By My Country Club Card. They Also Said The Tour Can Be Sold Online If I Dont Go.In That Case, The Purchaser Would Give Me Entire Room Rent Of 3 Days At Par Market Price Minus Processing Fee, Which Is Rs. 4000(As Per Their Agent). But We Still Were Not Informed That The Membership Money Is non-Refundable. After That I Was Worried about background of company And Said To Quit As I Am Not Interested And Then An Educated Smart Brainwash Process Started And That Led Me And My Wife Be Emotional About Life And Agreed To A Contract Of 65000 With Little Less Facilities, That Was Too Much For Selling A Product. I must say that I was trapped in a great brainwash and forced deal agreement. I Made An Payment Of Rs. 65000 through my Citibank Credit card as The agent promised that they have a tieup with all leading banks and they will process the whole amount in monthly EMI without any processing charge and absolute interest free. And Then Their Manager Mr. Vamsi Brought The Contract Paper And Asked Me & My Wife To Sign. We Signed Thinking That We Made A Good Contract( As my wife was happy). I Happily Came Back To My Home And Suddenly I Searched The Internet About Country Vacations. To My Surprise, There Was So Much more than thousand Complaint Against Them all over India since many years. My Parents Also Prohibited Me To Join The Membership. After I Thoroughly Knew About The Club And Their Activities, I Decided To Refrain From The Club Membership. Meanwhile, I remembered that their agent promised me about Cooling Off period facility by explaining that if we change our mind to withdraw the deal we can do in 10 days of agreement signed and whole amount will be refunded. Then I immediately called my Citibank customer care informing the whole, Citibank denied to provide any assistance. Then next day I visited to the CV Agent and Manager and Asked Him To Refund amount Informing Him That We Were No Longer Interested To Their Proposal. He Told Me That The Amount Is Not Refundable and now the behaviour of all ware very strange and rude. It Is Unfortunate That Then They Told Me That It Was In Contract That Membership Amount Is Non-Refundable. Then Why They Did Not Tell Me That At First? I Looked At The Contract And Found That . I Also Want To Know, Why Such Type Of Secrecy About The Meeting , Which Was Nothing But A Brain Wash Class For All Of Us, Who Hesitated But Made Mistake By Giving Their Hard Earned Money To Them. As its just have been 2 days of signing the deal and any of facilities or services of country vacation is not availed by me as well as the merchant has not claimed the amount from my Credit card yet i,e. Amount is not turned as un-billed amount for my credit card yet, as well as fake promised by agent I still have my contract cooling off period on. I surrender this deal sir, I don’t want to continue with Country vacations. I Want My Money Back Sir, It is a hard earned money and I am a middle class struggling person. I am trapped sir, I need help. Please advise me.