Husband got foreign affair-dowry harassment-domestic violence

My husband works in Dubai. Beginning they asked wife should stay with husband in Dubai so after got married I went to Dubai along with my husband that too under my mother sponsorship for 3 month and they received enough cash and they cheated in that too I stayed there with my husband only for 2 month and there I found he got affair with one phillipine girl for last 3 year through his gmail chats and he mentioned that he ll marry me for sake of family and let we continue our life for that he took loan in Dubai so that he won't able to go to chennai so he keep on taking loan and top up his loan and expand his periods in Dubai and continuing his illegal affair...I found and asked him and he suddenly apologize for his mistake and promised me to take family visa for me to stay together...after finished my tourist visa wen return to mother in law home she started her torture...he kept all my jewels and started her abuse speech..mentioning that I am a "ad cast dog" for that I got audio evidence she got 5 and half lakhs dowry from my mom and torturing me to get more dowry from my mother in law telling to my husband u keep that Philippine girl and continue ur affair and take more loan and let u stay there itself and if u take ur wife along with u I ll my husband block my messages not taking any phone calls wen I call I am 10th month pregnant for last 3 month he never call me and not giving me any medical expenses and maintenance chennai I left alone and I am staying with my mom...I don't know wat to do?? How to get my husband back to chennai and live separately...please help me out