Is original property document and will is submitted in court incase of original title suit

My grandfather had a property from 1980's and he had 2 son's and 3 daughter's. he wrote a will before he die to his 2 son's. on 2005 out of the 3 daughter one daughter filed a case that the will is fake and that daughter submitted another will that all property is shared among 2 son and 3 daughter. on 2017 court ordered that will submitted by the daughter is fake and dismissed the case. my brother only handled this case till 2016 and died in a accident. i was not aware about the property documents and grandfather will. my advocate said that the original documents and original will is submitted to the court on 2005 and it will returned after dismissal of case and no further appeal has not been filed by the appellent. After case dismissed on 2017, my advocate informed me that appellent has not filed an appeal and documents, will, etc will be returned by 6 months. but till now i have not received any documents or will from court. now i'm confused that whether the court will get original docs and will while trying a original title suit? if yes, what is the procedure to get back those records from court? my advocate is also not responding for my queries. once he said that he applied for return of docs later he said judge has to approve that application but he doesn't do so. can anyone help me out of this issue.