Promoter asking for registration of the Agreement for Sale even Kolkata municipalty stop work notice

I have booked a flat on July, 2017 in Kolkata - Project name Srivats constructed by Nathany group. The flat was supposed to be delivered by June, 2020. But on 22nd February, 2020 before the lockdown Kolkata Municipality has given a stop work notice and all the further work has been stopped now. We visited the site before the stop work notice and found that interior work has been completed. Lift, pump, backup generator has been installed but not yet functioning. Car parking and driveway is still not complete. Now the promoter has submitted a write petition and Kolkata high court has asked the KMC to conduct another round of review by 10th July, 2020. As per the promoter their construction is completely as per KMC rule and current stop work notice is due to some miss understanding. In this scenario promoter is asking for registration of the Agreement for Sale. They are telling that this is as per HIRA rule laid out by WB Govt. My questions are,- 1. Is registration of the Agreement for Sale really required as per govt. rule. 2. If I go for thr registration and then due to on going issue the project didn't get CC from KMC, can we go to HIRA and ask for compensation?