Need to get out of rental lease 2 months before the lock in period in Gurgaon !

Hello, My son rented a 3 bedroom flat in a new society in Gurgaon. However the flat has had various issue with kitchen, geyser leaks in winter time where we have had to deal with uncooperative maintenance team. Now in summer we have leaking ACs that are not equipped to tackle the summer heat in Gurgaon.The patio sliding doors are leaking every time rains come causing considerable damage to the living room carpet and other numerous issue with electricity blackouts / generators not working! Moreover, at the time of renting we were promised use of Club House Gym etc which even after 7 months is not functional. My sons have had to take an outside club membership for RS/18k or so. We are frustrated with constantly trying to maintain repair the property for 7 months paying high rental at Rs/55k plus amenities charges at Rs10k monthly. The complaints to landlords falls to deaf years -excuse is that this happens everywhere.We are fed up and not happy to continue to live here. The lock in period is Nov30 and we are looking to pack and vacate by August 30. The written 2 month notice has been given and subsequent phone meeting has also been done where the landlord states that he will not compromise to break lease 2 months before and will not return the deposit of 2 months rent. Please advise how to get the landlord to agree to return the deposit after we vacate end Aug. Thanking in advance Reet Chaudhary ( concerned mother)