Husband does not support financially either me or his daughter

Mine is second marriage as i am victim of cheating in first marriage( boy was not earning) and now i am married to this man for last approx 15 years and I am doing private job and out of this marriage I am having 13 years old daughter on whom her father never spent anything and due to my private and low paid job now I feel after 3 or 4 years I would not be able to spend on my daughter as I travel 100 km one side daily for my job. My mother in law takes the salary of my husband who is in govt job and has all the money in her name I don't have any financial details of his. His mother has sale ancestral land and got money deposited in her name and i don't have details of that also. She says in boy's name there is nothing and I wish to know that is there any right through which i can have the money for child after 3 or 4 years when she is going to join some professional course through some rights so that our daughter may get right education and get settled nicely in life. As I have bearing up the atrocities of my mother in law and husband due to my child only and her mother is very expert as she has thrown 5 of her brother's wife out of their homes means very bad background. Me is god fearing and timid lady. Plz tell me in case i am unable to bear up the expenses of education of my child what should I have to do . As It is very clear I want our daughter should be settled education wise nicely and I want only this child should not be deprived from the opportunity settling down nicely due to money problem only.