Dowry cas

Hi my sister in law has filed a case against my mother in law and brother in law that they harrased her and used to beat her, used iron rods on her and even took away her jewellery as they never gave dowry but this is all false. She has been threatening us of commiting suicide as my brother in law is in muscat she was sent there too and even there she tried commiting suicide and even tried calling police and sent pics of her wrist and her peeing in car accusing husband has beaten her which is totally false. On coming back from there they both stayed togather in chandigarh but used to fight and when my brother in law left for muscat to work she left for her home never to return which she later confirmed after a they have filed case of misplacing her jewellery items and of being beaten by my brother in law and my mother in law. When we told her that she is doin wrong and it never happened with me she accused my parents of giving dowry which is not true as my family is financy rich than hers. I am attaching few details and would seek your advice on this matter. Please save us from her. Well the case is like this: My sis in law who is married to my brother in law who stays in muscat is mentally harrasing us. They gt married at same time as we did and bhaiya had to leave after 15 days due to work and marriage wasnt legally registered. On every occasion she used to cry and say wat do i do without him and even called her own parents and use to tell them that ke muje kahan chod diya hai apne though mom n dad never asked us to do any wrk. My mom inlaw does most of the work except we jus clean two rooms using broom and cook sometime dat too nt daily. She had problms and used to tell bhaiya that neeraj is here why cant you come. She went back to her family and stayed there fr a month as my mil wanted her to feel better and happy. Then bhaiya came in april and they gt their marriage registered.they lied to us that she is educated as her degree was fake even thennobody said her a think. We even paid fr her ilets classes as she said she would like to study fr australia. They fight a lot and even in her ilets class she used to make excuses fr nt doin her home work by sayin that my fil is depressed and he leaves house and comes after a day or two which is not true at all and that she has to do all the work before coming to class and after goin home which is also a lie as i was there and i used to leave her and pick her up from her class as she was new in town. So her ilets teacher called me and my mil and told us about all this and wen she asked her infront of us she was quite and later said to her that she is lying. After repeatedly asking she confessed and was agitated with us rather than admitting her fault. So my mil and i asked her to let bhaiya know about it but she refuses so we informed bhaiya as she had saud a lot about our family in class which was a lie and she was shouting back at us mow and thretening to commit suicide too. She later faught wid me as y i told bhaiya and even shouted at bhaiya and threatened to commit suicide. In most cases she would cry abuse threaten us for no reasons. Later she even faught on small thing like how may anarkali suits i got? Y was i given a gold set on roka and not her? Etc . We ignored it as few days after marriage we had bought her a new ph and gold earrings too. Later she broke the ph wen i was in australia and we had to buy her another one so i gt a new htc ph that wasnt even launche in india to keep her happy. She failed her ilets too and spread a rumour with our neighbours updtairs that we were forcibg her to study and she wanted to be with his hubby. Wen asked she said no we never forced her but she wants to bit with bhaiya so bhaiya arranged her visa and before leaving she stayed with her family for 15 days while she told us she wud be back in three days. Wen she reached muscat over there she ate sleeping pills and was hospitalised, she peed in car even thought bhaiya asked her to use the facility in mall , she repeatedly harrased bhaiya fr taking her for outing thought he works till late and gets only a day off, she mentally harrased him a lot and even police came to home wen she tried comminting suicide and he was even about to loose his job. So wen next tym she tried slitting her wrist he raised his hand and then she spread the rumour to her entire family friends and cousins that my husband beats me. A lot happened there in muscat and after 4 months wen they came to india together bhaiya stayed here for 2 months aprox in which girls family mentally harrased bhabi had uti since the time she came to our house and we have taken her to every doc but she never completes the course and changes the doc, shez anemic and wen we advice her to eat healthy she shouts back at us or keeps quite and walks out arrogantly. She stole my father in laws sleeping pills who is not only heart patient but also has high sugar. She even lies that she nt well sumtyms as once we took her pgi which is a gud hospital as night in emergency and after several tests doc said there nothing wrong with her and we returned back home at 3am in morning with she being fine till then she acted as if she was nt well and she has done that earlier too. Coz of too much stress bhaiya had started drinkin a lot too though he used to drink earlier too but sumtyms and nt daily.wenever i try talkin to my sis in law she takes in wrong manner and her mother even doesnt like my suggestibg her anythin as she always says that m devrani to her and she should have command of her own house. Even things that bhaiya gt fr us to eat frm muscat she kept it in her almirah though it dint bothered us and wen bhaiya tried to contact his own brothers or me she used to get angry and even said bad wrds and abused him about me sitting in car with him once in front seat as she and my hubby were nt well at ol so we made them sit in back seat after mid way from manali to home. Even she had fight with bhaiya and her mother with my mother in law that u sent ur younger daughter in law and son for honeymoon to singapore and nt pooja( bhabi) though we had made reservations fr 4 bt there was some visa issues with bhaiya so he and bhabi cud nt go so we took them to manali that too coz bhabi wanted to go. She repeatedly takes medicines a lot of them fr no reasons and makes excuses everytime we ask her. Her mother even took bhaiya and bhabi along with her mothers frnd to some baba who gave some medicine to bhabi and asked bhaiya to get his tests done as she wasnt pregnant (well dats coz he dint wanted a baby right now after all that bhabi was doin to him) and without even taking consent of bhaiya or even telling him where theyw ere goin and lying to my mil that they were only goin to gurudwara or some religious place. Wen my mil took me to there ancestral gods place along with my hubby and bhabi then also bhabis mother said that first pooja and bhaiya shud have gone. She is highly short tempered and shouts back on mil and pil even if they say anything to her politely. She has threatened bhaiya for divorce also many times and even for alumni. And after all that bhaiya had to suffer in muscat he has mow refused to take her to muscat. He even bought everything for her to be comfortable in muscat but she fight even on smaller things like he bought a footwear fr her once frm place where he wrks so she fought with him saying its cheap. Now it had been month bhaiya has gone back to muscat and bhabi is at her parents place not retuning back and also have refused to come back as bhaiya is not in india. Even on chat with me she jus keeps sayin wat is my use if bhaiya has to cook food and wats my lyf if we both are seprate and even wrote that its better she dies rather than staying like dis. Things have gone bad to worse now and my brother in law wants divorce but girls brother and jija have threatened bhaiya verbally too and we all are jus upset with her acts. My mil and fil both and old and not well specially my fil as his sugar levels ahve risen to 380 now he has heart problm and also high bp. And my mil has sum problm in her lungs hav vit deficianecy coz of which her legs and knees ache and also she goin through her menopause phase which is gettibg tougher on her body. I need assistance pri as a frnd plz i have few questions if ur di could help me Can bhaiya file divorce in muscat while she is in india? Can we be saved of alumni? All the property is on my fils fathers name still the girls family have shown constant interest in our ancestral home do we have to share property with her? Will my mil and fil be jailed coz of any reasons? We have not taken any dowry frm girl all she bought with her was a small bag whoch had 5-7 suits from parents sides and a pendant set of gold and a nose pin of gold and bangels, and frm our side we had given her gold set wth gold magtikka, two gold bangels,one gold ring, one gold and diamond ring, one gold earrings and few silver jewellery and two phones out of which one is broken and she even lost its bill and insuance copy as she wanted an iphone coz we all had one.before divorce? And for no reasone girls mother starts crying and saying monu ( my bhaiya)is not talkin to her and not keeping her happy. And also we came to know now that they have no real relatives. Her dada married twice and now they are staying with their step dadi and step chacha chachi. They had home sumwhere in himachal but they left without reason. She has stayed with another ladyz family who is muh boli masi till 10th and have done 11th and 12 / diploma m nt sure as they are not telling us anythin frm patiala where she stayed with her bhua and dun knw even if she is real bhua or not. In the mean tym while she was with her so called massi her bro and parents stayed sumwhere else and not only that during that tym even his father stayed away from mother and son for sumtym and once wen her father left the home fr a night coz of fight with mother she told us that her mother is acusibg him of having relations with sum one else! I knw this seams like a movie but trust me its hell fr us...????