Want to file divorce against troubling wife

Marries in April 14.after 3 months wife startrd putting false allegations of impotency.she n her family threatened to file 498a 3 months after d marriage.after 5 months she lodged false complaint of dv in police and started staying with parents.medicale examination proved that no domestic violence has taken place.since September 21,2014 she staying with parents.she harrassed my parents mentally.she had even raised hand on mentally ill father.my dad passed away in January 2015 n she came with her mom n did not say a single word just got her bags inside d house n complained why i am not having sleepong with her.rather yelled on my family that what kind of jewelry n makeup we gave her in dowry.made scene in our neighbourhood. She was pregnant and aborted the pregnancy when she went to her parents place.it could have been an illegitimate child as i was travelling on supposed dates of conception though this is hard to prove now. We have not taken single penny in dowry.not even jewelry or gifts.rather we bore expenses of food etc for marriage function.she had got a bed tv n ac.which we have kept separate n its at our place.she has taken with her d jewlery she got from her parents. She insulted me n made false complaints of dv in all neighbourhood sh callwd me impotent.she never ever felt sorry verbally or otherwise.on my fathers death i decided i cannot live woth her.i saw her laugjing n making fun that day. She is a lier, threatened me everyday of suicide. Her dad used to call me bad names after drinking everyday. She wants to come back.i want divorce.she has even named my sisters n their husbands in dv.my sis n jijas rarely visit us. Because of her parents went in depression. Father passed away n mom is very ill.sh is being treated