Family Property Dispute

Hi, I’m writing from Bangalore with regards to Family Property Dispute. My Uncle recently passed away ( 2nd June 2020), he was 71 and Never Married. He retired from a State Govt Organisation. He was a Engineer by profession. He is survived by 2 Siblings ( Younger Sisters ) both aged 60+ Married & Settled in life. My Uncle has Left behind few Fixed Deposits & Balances in his savings account. One of the sister want to have complete control of the Savings unwilling to share any percentage with the other Sister. She has deliberately obtained signatures of her Brother in few Bond papers. Question: 1. What is the legal stand of the other sister to get a equal share in the savings available. 2. Though my uncle has signed few bond papers unknowingly before death , he was also being treated in Nimhans n few Govt Hospitals for Mild Mental Illness. 3. We need a Lawyer to file a case and also send a objection notice to the respective banks to refrain any transfers / transactions to the Nominees mentioned until decided n equal share divided by court. I did seek advice from a local lawyer, who for some reason is not proactive , doesnt share any inputs or updates. No case is filed yet, Hence Seeking inputs from Experienced Senior Advocates in dealing Family Property Disputes, Bangalore. based on the response received we would like to claim the entitled balance legally ASAP.