Partition deed

My brother and I, both married, have been living in a house constructed on 1200 sq ft plot built by our father. He lives in a single room with his two children and I have the control of a room and Kitchen. Both of my parents live with and are taken care of by me, naturally requiring me to have more space and thus the Kitchen. My brother and his wife are now asking me to handover them the control of kitchen and are not even ready to keep either of the parents. Neither are my parents ready to go and live with him as he dont care and look after their medical treatments.and also because of nature of his wife. His wife has often physically hit my wife and has engaged in loud squabble using extemely derogatory words for my wife. The situation is getting worse each day. I pay all the taxes and electricity bills of the house. He wants the entire house to be bifurcated equally and the ready made Kitchen and Bathroom to go to his toilet bathroom are comman for both of us since they parted.only thing is they cook food in their all house usage is comman. I am not prepared for this case for two reasons. One, if this happens I will have to build new Kitchen and Bathroom both with my own money. My mother has her kidneys failed and her medical care incurs me a huge cost while my brother pays nothing for the same. Second, Neither is he willing to keep either of the parents nor do my parents want to go to his side as they fear lack of care being taken by the other party. Impasse is I am not ready for these terms of his and if I dont resolve the issue as early as possible, his wife will make the situation even more egregious. What sort of legal advice can I get?