Confict with wife

Dear sir i got married in september 2014 i m working as assistant professor in chandigarh my father in law is working as sdo n wife is doing mtech n also working as lecturer from the very start of my marriage my in laws started interfering in my home very much whenever there is some conflict littlebit between me n my wife my wife rather talking to me tell all story to her parents n they always take wife to their home my wife stay there for 4-5 Days stopped picking my phone never replied to my text then i went their home feel sorry n take her back this happened three times in seven months she never worked home tasks at my home i just ignoref everytime now she was 7 Month pregnent n her parents insisted to have delievery with them i refused again but they came to me n take her away that after delievery she will come back now after going there she stopped talking to me replying to my text from a month i went there she is under very much influence of her parents my father in law n mother in law said she will not come to n we will c u in court they have washed my wife mind my parents went there to ask wor her health but again they misbehaved with my parents they have ego of their money n post what should i do kindly sugesst her deliever is in start of august