Is transfer of property from GPA is valid

I have come across the below scenario and wanted to know if the property has clear title. 1. The property was acquired as ancestral property bifurcated and registered in 1982.(call X) 2. X has given GPA to real estate developers Y and Z to perform the following duties a. To obtain all the approvals from government institutions b. To represent him in front of all government institutions for payment of fees for conversion etc. I will not revoke GPA for whatever reason. There is nowhere in gpa mentioned, if gpa holder can sell any part of the land. 3. However in 2013 the GPA holders Y and Z without consideration of X sold the land to A. A. I want to know if the transfer from Y and Z to A is legitimate. B. Who is the lawful owner of the property Case 1. If all X, Y and Z are alive. Case 2. If X is dead and Y and Z are alive. Case 3. If all X, Y and Z are dead. C. Is the legal heir of Y and Z anyways related to this property? D. When can legal heir of X file the petition is it after death of Y and Z?