Property division problem between brothers

My fathers property divided individually for both. My younger brother registered their documents properly. Their document stated like "i am taking this property by settling my fathers debut". Its not registered as property share. In my documents my father mentioned they already gave the property share to my elder brother so there is no more share for my elder brother. But this document not registered. Now my father and elder brother both died. But my elder brother wife making a problem saying we also have share in my property. The property registered to my husband is like he bought the property from his father its not a property share like that. My elder brother wrote saying i dont have any rights for the rest of the property and signed in a normal paper with witness signature. But that also not registered. Is it possible now to register both my father and brother written documents now. Now my mother wrote a will to me saying all her husbands assets are shared to younger son already so rest is for my younger son. It is registered. But everyone telling still my elder brother family can claim a property from me. Please guide me.