Nonpayment of Rent - Eviction Advice Required

Dear Sir/Ma'am, I rented my apartment in Banglore on March 15h 2020, and the tenant has not paid the rent for the past two months. He has so far only paid the secutiry deposit after we asked him mupltiple times. We want the tenant to be evicted. He is not in Banglore now , he locked the apartment and went to his hometown in telangana and all his belongings are there in the apartment. I stay abroad and my retired parents are taking care of the property, and the tenant is continously taking advantage of the situation. He says he will pay rent every week , but never pays. My Parents are from Andhra pradesh and they stay there, and with the lockdown my parents are not able to go to Banglore.Every month my parents are paying huge loan on the apartment, but they are not getting any rent from the tenant. I have the following questions. 1. Can my parents file the case in my hometown and send the notice to the tenant in Banglore? 2. We want safe eviction of the tenant from the property, since he is not at the property right now, what are the options we have? 3. How long it will take for the court order for eviction, once we file the case in the court. 4. what if the tenant resists to leave the property. 5. If we have to file the complaint in Banglore, can we give the power of attorney to the lawyer so my parents don't have to attend the court sessions in Banglore. Kindly provide legal guidance on how to proceed in this situation. Thanks Sireesh