Income tax in context of legality of experiance

Sir As a part of my application to get CANADA P.R., I got following query regarding the Income tax section which they count as Legality of my profession experience (Nurse in Govt Hosp. Ahmedabad). I tried to understand but it’s a very complex which may require expert advice from people like you. Please help me otherwise my file will be rejected. Details got from CANADA is as following: PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE GAINED AS AN EMPLOYEE OR EMPLOYEE over the five years preceding the filing of your selection certificate application / From 2008 to 2013 Original or certified copy of proof of legality of experience Professional acquired during the five years preceding the filing of your claim Selection Certificate It must be social contribution of evidence or notice of assessment to tax income. If you can not get any of this evidence, you must provide the original or certified copy of a proof of exemption from payment of social security premiums issued by a government authority (not your employer). Please note that the statements of income (eg Form 26 AS, ITRV Form, Acknowledgement) and receipts of tax returns (eg Acknowledgement of Receipt of ITRV) are not accepted as proof of legality professional experience.