Patta name removal

My grand mother had a land in his name and after the death of my grandma and grandpa, it has to be divided into 4 shares as there are 4 sons. The land was having one survey number and NO subdivision. Then these 4 sons made oral partition (still no subdivision, no registartion) and cultivating the land. My father is fourth son and he bought his immediate elder brother's (3rd son) share additionally than his own share using sale deed. In sale deed, propery detail was mentioned in general that 1/4 of this land belongs to him and he is selling the same share. The point to be noted is "No SubDivsiion mentioned as no subdivision created that time". After this, when Govt gave the patta, the patta was issued in elder most son of my grand parents for the whole land and also some subdivision has been created with unequal area (For example, one subdivision has 1 acre and another one has 0.86 acre etc...Only god knows what was the basis for unequla subdivisions). We know that the sale deed bought land is now Subdivision-4. When i applied for patta name transfer for Subdivision-4 using the sale deed, VAO added my father name along with the previous record "My father's elder brother name" in the patta. Now Subdivision-4 has two names and i need to remove my uncle name from the patta as he doesnt have any land in Subdivision-4. What is the procedure? I approached VAO and asked to remove my uncle (my father's elder brother) but they ask for NOC which will not be given by my uncle as our family is seperated from relation due to some other issues long back. Do we have any other alternate way to get the sole patta holder of subdivision-4? Could any one help me please?