My wife kept falsely 498A and DVC cases against me and my family members after police dept verification they were discorded other than my name in 498A case. My wife and her parents changed family relation into commercial relation. My wife was interested to kick out my job from abroad for that she sent lot of phone calls, mails and faxes to my employer but she didn’t get success. Finally she approached to open LOC and LOC is released against me. Immediately I attended to Honorable High Court and submitted all the relevant documents to remove LOC against me. The Honorable High Court is passed orders to respective State and MEA authorities to allow me to leave India for my employment. The respective authority has given green signal to me to leave India for my employment and I attended my employment. Now how I can come to know that whether the LOC is removed or not. If not how much time it will take to remove LOC after high court orders. Please advise me what is procedure for that. Thanking you,