Ancestral property matter

Dear Sir, my grandfather is having his own house, eight Acres of land & some household goods. in 1987 he divided the whole property in his two son i.e. my father & my uncle. during the distribution all the things were distributed as per the values of the items. in the process of distribution the my father has got 1/2 acres more land as compared to my uncle on the basis that the land which is given to my uncle is of high yield & that given to my father is of low yield. my grandfather died in 1990 & my father died in 2005. now my uncle is claiming the 1/2 acre extra land from me & he want the distribution to be done again equally. my saying is that as i am not aware of the whole property distribution hence i can't able to say anything on the matter & moreover 29 years has passed for the process & the participating authorities is not alive i am not able to do anything. pl suggest if my uncle can go to court for the issue , can caurt will order for the re distribution in the situation when only farm land is with us rest all the properties are sold out by my uncle & father .& i have not idea about the house hold items & valuable jewellery etc item of my grandfather.