Bride and Family cheated about her education qualification and mental status

Sir, I am 30 years old male and I am from Hyderabad, In November 2019 i had arranged marriage with both families consent. At the time of marriage we were very particular about her educational qualification and she and her parents told that she is graduated B.Com in first class. After 1 month i was asking her about go for higher education or job to support our family. Then she has been postponing the issue and behaving abruptly. Then onwards she started behaving like psyho and harrassing till night 2.00 AM that if I i ask her about education she will kill me or she will kill her self. Then she started telling my sisters and parents should not come to my house for life long other wise she will commit suicide. I explained the same to her family and they came to the girl to their house. Now they are threatening me that my parent should not live me then only they will send the girl to my house. Sir I am the only son to my parent and i feel i got cheated by the girl and girl family all means. I cant live with her anymore hence I looking divorce from girl in mutual understanding but they are threatening me with dowry and domestic violence case. How to proceed further on this. Please help me sir as I am normal earning person so not have money to fight the case legally