Daughter’s right on pagdi property

Hi, my mom lives in a pagdi property in mumbai from last 37 years . The flat is in the name of my grand father who has passed away. The landlord has taken money and transferred the flat in my mom’s name who is a widow from last 13 years and resides their alone. The land lord hasn’t given us the original document ( contract) he has just given us a photocopy . Also from last 3 years no rent receipt is coming our way as the land lord says his accountant is gone and no one (my neighbours / other flat owners) are getting the rent receipt. No rent receipt means no other document that has my moms name in it and due to which we are not able to get the electricity and telephone bill changed to my moms name . The transfer agreement copy has my name as a nominee but since I am married and don’t stay with my mom anymore . I have 2 questions 1) is the property safe for my mom till the time she is staying their ? She plan to stay their entire life . 2) after her demise can I claim that property as I am her daughter and my name is also their in the transfer document as a nominee but I don’t stay their