Case 384/385/420/406/403/418477/120B/34

My father handad over the directorship of the companies by way of settlement to me. i paid the entire settelement amount in cash and have not taken a receipt, however the money paid through arbitrator thus the arbitrators issued a receipt of money in my favour, now my father made a police complain and following by a court case stating that all the apointments and resignations are forged and thus invalid. he again added that i have extorted and threatened him for his life and social impact which is totaly false. i have got a confirmed bail aginst this case., again in 2009 the io rank of si of the case has filled a frmf stating the case as mistaken of facts. but the case was ordered for reinvestigation not below the rank of a inspector and the order forwardrd to authority. right after 4yrs 11 month and 26 days another io of rank of si has filled a charge sheet aganist me under the above sec and with no extra evidence with the false 161 statement of the previous witness . my question is can a io with a same rank si filed a charge sheet without any evidence just with the false statement as the witness are ready to give in writing that they were not in state at the time io mention in his witness. can we ask the megistrate to drop the proceeding as the complanent is died four years back and the court already denied for substitution of defecto in earlier hearings. what should we do know.