Construction of house issue

Dear Sir, We are building a new floor in our existing house which is situated in Chennai. While rising a wall at the back side of my house my neighbor tree is obstructing . So we requested my neighbor 2 months ago to cut down the coconut tree which grown inside my plot , but he refused to do. We have been very patient for 2 months and we din't even start any construction work because of this reason. At last he troubled my parents a lot and we cut down his tree after informing to our near by police station. Now my neighbor is very furious and he is diverting the case that we had occupied his land illegally and planning to get stay order to stop our construction work. May I know whether he can get stay order without proper document from civil court? He is a dentist and very rich guy who can do whatever he can. We are not in a position to spend lots of money to apply case. Please suggest me that whether we can continue our works or what we need to do if he gets stay order by his influence? Please help me.