About Wife and Divorce and other marriage

Hello sir My name is Mubarak hasan khan, and last year i got my arrange marriage in india, i am doing a job at Abroad, when i just got married, from the same day of marriage my wife has a severe pain in her abdomen. i asked dr. he gave the medicines but the pain was still keeping her in problem, and even i coudnt do my Sexual relation with her, because of this pain, so when the pain was not giving her relief then i decided to go to A gynecologist, she said after Ultrasound she can tell me what is the basic reason of pain, after ultrasound she told me that she has a very big Dermoid cyst in her right side ovary. and that cant go by Medicines it will go only by the operation, and in the operation that Right side ovary also we have to remove. i was shocked my God what is this, i never hoped that my inlaws family peoples did with me like a cheating. then i asked my wife since when you have this problem. then she says i never have any problem, then it was clear that she is lying, because from the same day of the marriage she had pain, i was preparing to go to honeymoon, and i planned to go to AIIMS and other Good Drs but everybody had a same statement, even i was caring her alot but my wife is so careless about me and was very lazy or may be because of her sickness she was always like whole day sleeping or laying on the bed i told her some time you have to take care about house also like cleaning of the house, and you have to go for outing also with me ,,but then she used to start cry and after that started cursing me. because of her care even i was not doing sexual relation with her,,and Drs. were saying about her pregnancy that may be she can be pregnant or may be not,,but because of her pain i always was caring her and was not doing sexual relation with her,, but after three months of my marriage i started to make sexual relation with her with the tricks how dr told me,,and i was with her for further 7 months, but she didnt get pregnant,,and during this period she always tried to show her family peoples pressure on me like i dnt have to tell her anything even like about housing care,,and she used to tell her mother everything,,and her mother used to give her wrong guidence,,even for her treatment i coudnt go to my job at abroad for ten months ,and i loos my salary,,my flight ticket was cancelled also,,and that was also a big loss...so after 8 months of my marriage i decided to go at my job and i bought a new ticket,,and when i reached here at abroad i got that she is pregnant,,and now she delever a girl child with a big operation and she and the girl child was in the very critical situation like both of them can die..but now on phone she just calling me constatntly but i m very far i cant go immediately to her then she started abusing and cursing me and my family,,i am very disturb from her,,and that big Cyst still she has inside..i m fadeup i cant survive with her,,i m very qualified and she is from a village background and her family peoples like a goons...what i have to do please give me suggestions,,i want to do an another marriage,,because now also it was a big spent on this delevery,,and still the girl is very sick and was in machine after her birth for three weeks..