False fir by a job consultant

Hello, I need a serious advice on my query asap. My dad has paid money to a job consultant for my wife but they didn't get a job and cheated. So we launched a complaint(not FIR) in the local police station and came to a settlement but consultant paid 10% of the money and remaining was a cheque. But the cheque got bounced when checked further we came to know that the consultant filled an FIR 420, 36 against my dad and wife and one unknown person in another police station that we cheated that lady. She has given that FIR copy to my local police station that until we find the unknown person who cheated the money I cant pay the accepted money. Unknown person is A1, my father and wife is A2 and A3 respectively. But when we checked the online FIR status its as given below, Case Status First Hearing Date : Decision Date: 30th March 2015 Case Status : CASE DISPOSED Nature of Disposal: Contested--CLOSED Registration No. XXXX/2015 Judge : CHIEF METROPOLITAN MAGISTRATE Business On Date: XX-XX-2015 Hearing Date Purpose of hearing : Disposed Can someone advice me what does Disposed means with the nature Contested- CLOSED and possible way of bringing my innocent father and wife out from this case where we didn't do any cheating.