Copyright and Pen name of literary work

I have the copyright of my English literary fiction written by me under my real name. I filled up Form XIV and Statement of Particulars with my real name in all the relevant fields as I was told by multiple lawyers that if I use my pen name in any of the fields (including author field) then I may face difficulties in proving my ownership in case of copyright infringement related issues. Also, the forms do not provide any field for a pen name. Currently, I want to publish (can be self-publish also) my work (both online and offline and both in India and abroad) using my pen name as author and also will use the copyright sign(Copyright@<pen name>). In case my work is published by some publishing company, they will know my real name and will provide me the paycheques under my real name only but my pen name will appear in the book as the author. Suppose after publishing /self-publishing some copyright-related legal issue arises related to my work and my pen name. Is it okay if I just show my original copyrighted and stamped literary work and registration certificate all issued under my real name and tell that the work belongs to me only and nobody else has written it or can claim it? Will that legally solve the matter? If your answer to any of the above questions is "no" for certain scenarios then what are those? And how to solve those issues legally without applying for the copyright of my work once again with my pen name in the author field or anywhere else. Please understand that getting the copyright is a tedious and very time-consuming process. I DO NOT wish to do that twice for the same work. So please suggest solutions where I do not have to reapply for the copyrights under any circumstances if you think there can be issues. Also, I will apply for the ISBN of my book under my real name in case I self-publish. Also please let me know if there can be any issues if the ISBN is with my real name and I still use a pen name in my book as author. In case there are issues then what is the solution for that? As mentioned earlier please remember I do not want to reapply for my copyrights under any circumstances. Thanks and Regards.