Legal advise to get separated from wife

Dear Lawyers, I am married for 8 years(oct 2012) and have a daughter aged 5(born jan 2015) and living away from wife since sep 2016. From the beginning of the marriage itself, our family life was not good. now and then we will quarrel with each other (no fighting or harsh quarrel,only ego fighting). now she is working in state govt sector as grade II officer and my daughter is with her. I am doing business in my native and planning to go abroad for job. She doent want to live with me and wants me to come and live with her stating her job as reason and i dont want to do so. Both her parents are also retired govt employees and she is their only daughter.Moreover its like they dont want their daughter to go away from them. I dont want to continue this life and want to put an end for this. No response from their end as if they are not worried about living with me. She didnt say no and not saying yes. She only wants to come and live with her as my earnings are not good. My ego doesnt allow me to do so living a disrespectful life with her parents. So advice me how to come out safely without any expense. Thank you