Conflicts with mother in law and husband

What can I do my mother in law keeps influencing my husband to torture me mentally n not giving any money to me but to her,she keeps all my belongings with herself wherever I got from marriage,she doesn’t allow me took anything from my in laws place since 4 years of marriage n moreover she always take a fight in early morning even in my pregnancy and my father in law supports her and my husband doesn’t want to listen to even a word against her mother n whenever I do he ends it to beaten me up n fights n no one utter a word,I have a 2 n half year old son with me and he is also suffering he beats him too if I say anything to his mother,his sisters doesn’t take any stand for me,I got to know my husband is a psycho and he keeps break things before our marriage too as he do now while fighting,I don’t have my family support,by profession I m a dentist But not in practice since my child has born because nobody is there to take care of him n my husband keeps torturing me by saying that he is not responsible to give me any money or financial support n before marriage he lied that he is a BTech but he has no degree his father told mee otherwise he is in construction n earning but don’t give me anything ..what can I do??