My ex boyfriend is torturing me.

I come from a very reputed family,where i have no freedom and everytime i faced problems with my dad and my ex boyfriend.From past 3years,i am feddup with my dad that when i slept he comes to my room,and wear hand on my private parts,and am sexually tortured with other bad activities also.oneday when am in deep sleep,he slept on me and i suddenly wokeup because i came to know some weight pressure is on me.then am much woried,because i cant raise a question on this to him because i love my dad.oneday i raised a question on this,he said nothing and he left out.i cant say this to my mother,because she trust my dad verymuch,if i say also she doesnt believe i was calm till now. My friends forced me to get engaged in to a serious relationship so that i can come out of my dad problem atleast i can forget about that. I stepped in to a relationship,first it was happy and later i came to know that he was such a fraud that he loved my girls and misbehaved with them and later cheated on i had a thought that he would cheat on me i said breakup to him,but he was not listening to me,and he brutually beat me 7 times just because i am not loving him.And he is posting my photos on social media and everytime he is used to verbal abuse me.and blackmailing me that he would post my all other photos on social media and share their friends and he knows that my parents were strict,he is also saying that he would say this all to my parents, so that my parents would torture me by beating and other other things.And he said that later on he will come to my home and he will muder me.i am so much afraid of him.And if my parents knows about this they will surely kill me.i am having very hard time now,please help me out sir.please