Cheated by a guy in name of marriage

Hi, I found A guy in matrimony side and I liked a guy. We started to chat over a what's app. Then slowly we liked each other. When I asked him whether he is interested in getting married to me. He said yes. I told him to speak to my parents and his parents and take this forward. His dad called and said a date to come and meet my parents and discuss about marriage stuffs. The date was fixed to meet each other parents over the call. One day before that date we got a news saying his aunt passed away and they will let us know the date of visiting my house. This continues with several reasons and getting postponed with dates to meet my parents. But the guy had a conversation with my parents and promised to marry me. Later when we asked to give his address everytime he denied giving the address to meet his parents..somehow we got to know his address and my parents visited his house. And we got to know that he is already engaged to other girl and his parents are not even aware of our relationship whatever reason he gave about his parents health issues,aunt death everything was lie. I have all his Watsapp messages where he promised me that he will marry and voice recordings send to my parents where he promised to marry me. Please advice me with this can I complain against him? And ask for justice.