Wakf Gazette

We have purchase 5 acres agricultural land in outskirts of Hyderabad year 2004 seeing records ,got it registered then planted mango garden recently few ppl turned by saying this land is Wakf land and the land surrounding our land which is around 15 acres is mentioned in the gazette year 1982 attached to Ashur Khana which is a small 10*5 which if far away from the land Village record show it as patta land in khasra 1954 6 sala pahani 74 75 76 it's showing patta and till 2020 there is no mention of Wakf or any other religious institute Have got new pass book ror1b in our name along with the old pass books Setwar shows it as khidmati inam in the name of one guy the one mentioned in khasra but there is no mention of any religious institution The entire 2 survey no are in Wakf according to gaztee but this is patta land and has many sub divisons even before the gazette was published Eg .gaztte mentioned surge 95 96 in year 1982 buy this got by number in year 1956 95/ a /b We have bore well bill on our name Does building a room help in any way How should I proceed