Transfer of property

Hello Sir/Madam, My dad had purchased a property (vacant land in Mysore) and it is registered in his name. He did purchase from the funds I provided to him, as I was in the USA at that time. After registration, he has expired without making any will. Now, I want the property to be registered under my name, for which my brother is not ready to provide NOC. He also is very well aware of the fact that, it was purchased for me by my dad using my funds. I have the following facts handy: 1. In the application form that was provided to the society which handled the land distribution, my name is in the nominee list 2. My dad had created an affidavit, which was notarized as well stating the society account and the amount should be transferred to my name 3. I have found two cheques that were issue to the society from my account (I have the bank's monthly transaction statement which clearly mentions the amount and cheq number). These two cheqs amount to more than 50% of the total cost of property Please advise me on how I can proceed further to get this property to my name, without any legal issues and not getting NOC from my brother. My mother is ready to give NOC. Thanks, Rashmi