Property distribution between sons and daughters. wants to know about property distribution.

My father has two sons and three daughters. I am elder one.we all are married and have 2-3 children. My father has always demotivated me. Always let down me in front of my siblings. After hearing this all I never trusted myself. In whole life I am depressed. And think I can't do anything. My father always wishing that I don't earn and stay helpless. And sometimes after he calls me and give hope that I support you and give you job and my share of property as well. I accepted this all because I have 3 children and two are in graduation and one in school I have no money to educate them well. I had applied for lone and study them. So now we all my family my younger brother's family and my parents are live together. But day by day they started torching us. Specially my mother anxious my wife. One time there is issue would be creating with my mother that why she torchring my wife in that time my sister was also there and all they are together and start blaming me after this all And I don't think so my father gave me his share. He planning to getting out me from home after giving me one flat. Then what are my rights after this all should I simply leave their house. Or fight for my rights.