Job Termination without notice in pvt ltd.

The company have terminated to my job on February 10, 2020 after arriving at the company’s at ICT Testing & Compliance Pvt Ltd in the morning, I was asked by my Manager (Mr. Bhupendra Singh), to immediately go to conference room. I entered the conference room to receive my letter of immediate termination letter without notice period. However, I was not given any warnings and summarily fired on the above date. I have been working at ICT Testing & Compliance Pvt Ltd for the past 7 years. The reason for my dismissal was unclear. It seems to have been connected to an alleged incident with a colleague that never happened. However, I found myself terminated without having obtained any infraction notices whatsoever. I have also submitted/handover all the assets provided by company which I have taken during my tenure (e.g. laptop, mouse, charger, etc.). So, I am requesting you to please issue my full and final settlement amount in next cycle period of salary, which included followings: 1. 3 Month's salary (According to The Industrial Dispute Act of 1947 & Payment of Wages Act., if company terminate the employee without notice period) 2. EPF Amount. (According to Employees' Provident Funds Act, 1952) 3. Gratuity amount (As per the, Payment of Gratuity Act 1972) Also request you please provide the Experience letter. but still not get any feedback from thereside after 1 month past. they had just released the 9 days salay of feb month. Request you, please advise what can i do.?