Four of us got into a partnership 2 years back. Ever since it’s we started it’s been a bumpy ride. The other working partner stopped working a year ago and stopped showing up at work. We tried to sell the restaurant to someone, but the partners just don’t co-operate. I finally convinced them to sell the brand to someone, but they took their own sweet time to sign the affidavit required to transfer the listing on Zomato. The other working partner forged my signature onto a document that says he is the authorised signatory for the brand and sold it off to someone else. Now, both the parties have presented a similar affidavit to Zomato and Zomato transferred it in the name of the person my partner sold it to. I, on the other hand sold it on mutual consent. Now, Zomato wants to clarify and the partner doesn’t even take calls or respond to text messages. There are tax liabilities and other dues as well, me being the point of contact for everyone, has to face the brunt for everything. What should I do in such a case because the party I sold it to is putting a lot of pressure on me. Help please Thanks in advance.