Regarding full & final settlement

I worked for a company located in faridabad as system electrical engineer after doing PG diploma in hydro power plant engineering , I joined in April 2013 . I resigned on 30 April 2015 with one month notice period . Hr & director accepted the resignation & given original Relieving & Experience letter . In letter company mentioned your resignation has been accepted & relieved from service on 31 May 2015 . & also mentioned as per company norms we wish to inform that the full and final settlement will take place today from the office. Company also given me a pages mentioned closing payment due of 104800 which is signed by director. The Hr give me assurance that your pending payment will be remitted in your account on or before 7 June 15 .but amount not remitted on said date. I followup with director by written mail , he replied badly & mentioned your money will be remitted in your account on or before 25 June 15. But i need money urgently because I going dubai to job . I followup on 18 June 15 , he replied by mail with attachment ( full & final settlement) . In this he mentioned deduction as per employment contract . The letter is not no company letter head not have authorised signature. 1. He deduct 2 month salary as per clause mentioned in offer letter of three month notice period in writing or payment of three months salary in lieu there of . My concerned point is if company accepts by resignation & given a relieving letter will it clause workable in this case or not. 2. He deduct to amount of foreign travel as per clause mentioned . Training & bond :- should you be sent to training abroad , you shall execute a service bond to serve the company for a min period of two years. Under this service bond , if you resign or leave your services with company after undergoing training due to any reason , you shall pay to company an amount equivalent to all expense incurred by the company which shall include to & Fro fare etc. My points. He called me Raw engineer when I joined the company , but I am btech in 2011 + pg in hydro power & company have same business , & he appointed not as trainee engineer . The two foreign trip are not meant for any training , it is totally a work trip of testing , installation & commissioning , and same in mentioned in the letter submitted to embassy for visa application .I have also that original documents. The two foreign trips are not contract award to my company , it subsidy of our company . company forcly put me on this assignment . Will this clause workable . And he put that u pay to company a sum of 1.10 lakh rupees. But company given me experience cum relieving letter. Soliciting your valuable reply . Thanks, Mohd Haris