Mutual Divorce

Hi Sir, my mutual divorce petition was suit on last Wednesday. In that the dowry is mentioned 5Lakhs and 20 tulas Gold instead of 3lakhs and 5 tulas gold. I asked about this but they said that no need to worry its just for formalities. And me and my parents didnt demand any dowry from them. But in the petition it is mentioned like me and my parents demand for dowry. The marriage expenses also shared by the second petitionor also is mentioned in the petition. The second petitionor will not claim any maintenance and property from the first petitionor is also mentioned. The lawyer said these are all formalities to get Mutual Divorce . We didn't take any MoU before this petition. For instance I didn't will to sign but they forcibly done by me. No child was born. She left me after 6minths after marriage I. e on 28/12/2017 and living separately since July 2018. I went her parent's home several times they said that she had some illness we will send after getting cure it may take 1month or 3months or 6months or a year. Her brother said that better don't come again and she wanted to take divorce. The marriage was arranged forcibly both side elders against our willingness. I refused to take dowry and ask them to come for register marriage only. They aggreed first and later they changed it to lavished. They gave 3lakhs rupees for marriage expenditures and spent all on that day. Out of it I donated 28500 rupees to Akshaya Pathra foundation which is a NG O working for midday meal for schools across India. My basic reason to marry her on a social cause to eradicate child marriages in India. I'm always want to be a change maker but she failed me in this particular. Please give me a legal advice/solution. Actually I don't wish to take divorce. I'm a woman activist #HumanRights #WomenRughts #womanEmpowerment #maritalRape #womanEducation #ChildMarriages these are all some of my combat issues.