MHADA Mumbai - 2 flats in same ownership

Hi, My mother was a government employee and she got a flat directly from MHADA in a MHADA lottery system in general category in 1989 in Mumbai suburbs(lets say Flat B) . Some 12 years later, in 2001 she applied for another house in another mumbai Suburban area (lets say Flat A) in a first come first serve basis in general category (as that time real estate wasn't that much in demand) and took that possession in 2002 after payment all payment via cheque. Both the flats had the allotment letter from MHADA in my mother's name and we are in possession of both the flats. Both societies are formed but none has received conveyance till date. Unfortunately, in Dec 2019 late last year, she passed away in a sudden death (heart attack). She's not left back any will. We are now left back with me (elder son), my brother and my father in family. My father consulted few lawyers and they have advised to apply for "LOA - Letter of Administrator" to get both the flats transferred from MHADA in his name. However, i have a few questions here:- 1. Can my father NOW get both transferred in his name as both are MHADA flats & as per MHADA terms, only 1 MHADA flat can be owned by an individual. 2. Is LOA the only way to go about it or can this be transferred in my father's name without LOA. 3. Can MHADA raise a question of having dual MHADA flats in 1 name now and can they send a legal notice or letter to vacate..?? 4. Will it help if we transfer flat A in my brothers name and Flat B in my fathers name to avoid scenario no 3. 5. For LOA, my father has asked me and my brother for our NOC on legal documents. If my brother refuse to give NOC, can the said flats be still be transferred in my father's name? Thank you all for this wonderful helpful forum in advance.