Cement block factory in front of apartments

Hi, I bring this story to you from Bangalore. There is a cement block making factory directly in front of our apartment. It was not there when the apartment was booked but established itself sometime in the period of 4 years that the apartments took to complete. We the residents of the apartment want to get rid of the factory as it is causing a lot of distress, sound and dust pollution in our area. The machines start as early as 5-6 am when people are still asleep and run all day. The noise of brick laying machine is unbearable. And the cement dust settles onto our balconies everyday. If this goes on soon the residents will be asthma patients. Also we know it is an illegal setup. My question is, can a court case help getting rid of this factory from residential area? It’s located as close as 500 meters from the apartment. How much will be court fee for filing the case? Does the court charge per petitioner or some total amount for the whole case? How much expense would it cost for filing and winning the case? What will be advocate free? Will the advocate charge fee per petitioner or some total fee for the entire case? Thanks in advance.