Ancestor Property Dispute : Possession Rights given

I would like to know the legal ground of 100 year or more old Agri land Swadeenam given to farmer by our ancestor. All Agri land original documents is in our name and its with us. we pay kandayam (land tax ) regularly and we keep track of land patta , chitta , adangal etc. all legal papers with us. Issue : we have 3 acre agri land, which was given to farmer(kudiyanavar) by our ancestor. renumeration we suppose to get the one third of yield from land from farmer. but since 20 years no land productivity shared with us. nothing was paid by cash or agri products given by farmer to us. so we approached them to vacate but they refused. 12 years ago we discussed and have given choice either you buyland from us and pay compensation. else we pay you compensation and leave the land. farmer agreed to buy land from us , 1 lak paid as deposit to us. past 12 plus years waited for them and unable to pay and settle full amount. now in 2020 , we decided to take back the land , we have had talks with farmer grand son(available as of now) and discussed and ready to pay compensation as 7.15 lakhs. The Two Grand son agreed to take money. To go ahead further , we are ready to pay money and vacate them. but the farmer other family members(Anni , mama) creating trouble and asking portion of land as compensation. what is the procedure to resolve this issue. how to handle it in legal. how to evacuate them ? Need your guidance.