Dispute in property division

Respected legal advisor, In my family my father having two sons and uncle having three sons are there. My parental land purchased by my grand-father is in tanga size where I and my uncle has constructed house as measurement given below :- Length on east side 62 Feet Length on west side 68 Feet Breadth on south side 47 Feet Breadth on north side 49 Feet Out of which our family has occupied 47x30 = 1140 Sq.Feet approx My uncle has occupied the rest area which is much more than us. We have a combined latrine constructed by me 25 years ago towards my uncle area which has been shared by both, my uncle family and my family. Lands which were left by our forefather was divided equally and mutually by my father and uncle and earlier there were no dispute at all but now uncle wants fresh division of land again. We have planted trees on our area made the land fertile using cow dung and uncle’s land area is not so fertile since he has given the land to others on bataiya (1/3 of yield grains) Now, my uncle is going to construct a wall toward his side and as a result we will not be able to use the latrine since its towards uncle area side. As on date, if the latrine is constructed it will cost Rs 75,000/- approx and as a compensation, uncle is offering Rs 10,000/- where for the land we are offering Rs 10,000/- for the land to uncle but he is not agree. Uncle is threatening to harm us in many ways. We are poor and helpless now. Please sir, advise us what to do ? With respectful regards Ajay E.mail : [deleted]