Want divorce not happy with wife

Hi I want to get divorce now . Its nearly 8 months . Now I don't like her I'm nt happy with her she is so selfish and she dont trust me evn if I talk with my cousins sister she thinks I'm sleeping with them . And she is pregnant now . She need only sex from me and she want to me to serve only her family members she said dont look you are parents you are not only the son for them dont do for brothers and sister. I have so many reaponsibilities and we middle class family her family is rich they give dowry amount we and they gave car her brothers gave they reagister on their name later they said we will send you gulf country sell the car her brother planed now they sell the car iam in hulf country now . She forcing me too much I gabe you miney you need to listen I'm working in hyd on 15k salary I told them I'm nt intrested they beg me that time dont waht they do may be black magic or not . I hav gf also which I didnt get marry with her now I cant forget her. She is giving me mentally presute I attempt sucide Plss advice me what to do can I take divorce . . Do I need to all the money what they give me car and everythng but there is no proof car registref on her brother name please asvice me I'm jobless I hv so many problems she dint understand me at all nd I don't like her I just had aphysical relation thats it Plssss advice me plssssss what if they book false case if I ask divorce please tell me please I dont want to die